Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Pep Guardiola’s Mother Dies from Coronavirus

The mother of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has died in Barcelona after contracting the coronavirus, the club announced Monday.  Dolors Sala Carrio was 82. According to CNN, the World Health Organization has confirmed nearly 1.3 million cases of coronavirus...

Premier League Determined to Finish Season

The Premier League say that they are protecting English football's integrity by ensuring that the 2019/20 campaign is played to a finish amid the coronavirus chaos. It was announced on Friday that, although there is now no official date that...

Every FA Cup Final since 1925

Every FA Cup Final since 1925.  

EURO CLUB: Liverpool vs. Wolves

Undeniably, there are better and worse games to watch but, until an EPL team beats them, every Liverpool game is a good game because there's the constant question of, Is this going to be the team that will beat...

EURO CLUB: 3 EPL Games Today (Wednesday)

1/22/2020 - Leicester vs. West Ham 1/22/2020 - Manchester Utd vs. Burnley (on NBCSN) 1/22/2020 - Tottenham vs. Norwich

EURO CLUB: 6 EPL Games Today (Tuesday)

14:30 - Aston Villa vs. Watford 14:30 - Bournemouth vs. Brighton 14:30 - Crystal Palace vs. Southampton 14:30 - Everton vs. Newcastle 14:30 - Sheffield Utd vs. Manchester City 15:15 - Chelsea vs. Arsenal (on NBCSN)

EURO CLUB: Rashford Out

Man U's Marcus Rashford is sidelined for the Liverpool game (and more). This doesn't ruin today's game but... This kind of ruins today's game.

EURO CLUB: Liverpool

Liverpool's squad value when Klopp took over: £360m. Liverpool's squad value now (via Forbes): £1.83bn That's an increase of £1.47bn and a rise of 500%.