Thursday, July 16, 2020


World Cup

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WC ’18: Croatia and Belgium

France won the World Cup. Croatia and Belgium were the two best teams in the World Cup.

WC ’18: Third Place Game – Belgium vs. England

The Third Place Game consistently sucks (except in 2014 when Brazil had something to prove) and, sure enough, in this 2018 tourney, another great game. WC '18: Third Place Game - Belgium vs. England (VIDEO)      

WC ’18: France and Croatia

These are two very good teams with numerous very good players.  And, bottomline, on paper, France will be too much for Croatia.  With this said, soccer games are played on the field, not on paper.  Six things to watch...

Slow down, Gianni Infantino

Slow down, Gianni Infantino. There's still one and a half games left to play. With this said... Agreed. Best World Cup ever.

I Don’t Like My Father-in-Law (World Cup Edition)

WC ’18: Croatia in the World Cup Final

  There are 211 nations that compete in the World Cup. Since 1962, 8 teams have played in the World Cup Final: Germany, Argentina, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Brazil and England. England vs. Germany, Brazil vs. Italy, Germany vs. Holland, Argentina...

WC ’18: Knuckle ball (FRA-URU)

After today's knuckle ball goal in the France Uruguay game.

WC ’18: Alexi’s July 4th Tweet

The second I hear Alexi speak, I smack myself in the forehead.  It's a Pavlovian thing. And Alexi's July 4th Tweet is just one of many reasons why my forehead throughout this World Cup has been bright red.  In his...

WC ’18: FRA-URU (First Half)

The difference between a header that's inside the post and a header that's just inside the post.